hey mr. tambourine man.

things i like today. voila:

bracelet-h&m children 
fake rayban-some german shop 
sew sew sewing is my life.(kind of)
lace collars-my great grand mother gave them to me. heart heart
                           lovely one
i love my new selfdone necklace. the key is from some old closet i think, i've got it from my fakedaddy.
if you sew, always be aware of the fact that it's very easy to get depressed or very very angry on the machine.i sometimes like to throw them out the window.but then i actually love them to much.
one thing more that can cause depression:). i am trying to learn how to play harmonica.it is actually going kind of bad for me but i am confident about me getting good at it. ehh at least i want to be as good as him: ha,ha

Postat av: John!

Åh, it's all over now baby blue med Bobby är typ värlsbäst. och I want you

2009-04-12 @ 01:35:23
URL: http://toutlemondejohn.blogg.se/
Postat av: yuka

aww, i like the plastic bow in the first photo. sewing is kind of my life too. although im still not too great at it.

2009-04-13 @ 17:45:17
URL: http://www.prettyinleather.blogspot.com

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